New Launches

parboiling and dryer rice milling machine

Parboiling & Dryer

Milltec offers an unique equipment for the process of parboiling called the Gelatinization device.


Pneumatic Sheller

Milltec introduces advanced dehusker which is fully controlled by PLC Complete.

Rice Whitener - Rice Milling Solutions

Rice Whitener

The rice whitener incorporates advanced techniques for whitening of brown rice.

MV 7000 Color Sorter

MV7000 Series Color Sorter has auto intelligent digital image sorting technology.


Company Overview

We are a diversified agro-processing equipment manufacturer in India, with a sales and distribution network in India and overseas. Our portfolio includes equipment to facilitate rice milling, pulses, seeds, maize and multi-commodity processing. Millers in India prefer our products and solutions due to our quality, efficiency, and after-sales service capabilities. Backed by a dedicated R&D team that drives innovations and a customer support center addressing the entire value chain, we are able to fulfill any post-sales requirements of our customers.

About Us

MILLTEC Machinery Ltd is a Diversified agro-processing equipment manufacturer, passionately committed to delivering customer-driven innovative solutions.

Turnkey Solution

MILLTEC‘s turnkey solution optimizes manpower, lowers operating cost, improves productivity and ROI. We offer turnkey solutions with fixed cost & timelines.

R & D

MILLTEC has a dedicated R&D team who introduce new innovative variants that are targeted at raising the standard of product performance while minimizing process loss.

Exports & Services

MILLTEC has established sales distribution network consisting of 34 employees and 57 agents spread across 19 states in India and global presence across SE Asia, Africa & Europe.

Rice Milling & Non Rice Milling Services

Rice Milling Machines

MILLTEC rice milling machines are designed to provide higher yield & profitability. Our innovative rice milling solutions reduce the in-process wastage & manpower requirement.

Non-Rice Milling Machinery

MILLTEC, is a preferred global player for all food processing solutions. We offer solutions for pulses seeds, maize and multiple commodities processing.

Turnkey solutions

MILLTEC offers turnkey solutions ranging from 2TPH to 12 TPH that optimizes the use of manpower & cost, complete with detailed engineering, erection, supervision & commissioning.

Parboiling and Drier

The automated continuous Parboiling and Dryer system is a new technology offered by MILLTEC to meet the demands of modern millers.

Whitening & Polishing

MILLTEC Elite Series Whitener and Polisher offer a combination of high efficiency and performance, with low maintenance.

Color Sorting & Grading

MILLTEC offers complete grading & color sorting solutions with state-of-the-art technology at affordable prices.

Yield Control

To increase the profitability of the miller, MILLTEC has advanced technology offering an “online yield management system” using Flow balancer & Flow measurer.

Co - Generation Plants

The company provides a complete package of the co-generation plant comprising of boiler, turbine, gearbox, alternator, control panel & accessories for continuous constant speed operation.

Silica Extraction From Rice Husk Ash

Silica extracted from rice husk ash is bio-silica and non-toxic. This enables rice millers to generate additional income while simultaneously eliminating the disposal problem.


1999: Incorporation of the Company
2002: Revenue from sales crosses over ₹50 million | The brand name, “MILLTEC”, is established in the market
2003: Introduced new products such as cleaning, de-husking machines and graders are launched
2004: Commencement of supply of end-to-end turnkey solutions
2006: Our Company executed an agreement with a German agricultural processing equipment manufacturer, for providing technical knowhow
2007: Established a pan-India sales and service network, with our sales and service coverage spreading across 152 districts in 19 States
2008: Our Company catered to mills processing up to five MTPA | Commenced exports of products to Germany and Sri Lanka
2010: Revenue from sales crosses ₹1,000 million

MILLTEC’s complete turnkey project, offers an optimum usage of material and man power combined with ease of operation


  • International Rice & Grain Tech 2009
  • Agrifare Business Exhibitor [CII]
  • Indian Industries Association
  • Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Rice & Dal Tech Export 2012
  • Cambodia Rice Forum 2013
  • Food Show India – Being Exclusive RIA Sponcer – Rice Out Look Industry Awards
  • Food Show 2018- Bihar State Rice Mill Association

New Launches

Parboiling and Dryer

MILLTEC’s Parboiling and Dryer are the most efficient choices to increase rice yield. we adopted the new technology of automated continuous parboiling and dryer system to meet the demands of the modern millers.

Rice Whitener

MILLTEC Rice Whitener incorporates advanced techniques for whitening of brown rice. Our Rice whiteners are also equipped with a mechanism that allows customers to control the amount of grain whitening to suit their requirements.

ALPHA Color Sorter

ALPHA Series Color Sorter has 6th Generation FPGA Processing with Auto Intelligent Digital Image Sorting Technology. Product scanning speed of 32500 lines/sec. High Brightness Adjustable Cool white LED Lighting systems with life span of 50,000 Hrs.

GAMMA Color Sorter

GAMMA Series Color Sorter has 7th Generation FPGA Processing with Auto Intelligent Digital Image Sorting Technology. Maglev technology Ejectors with fast response time of 0.8 milliseconds, 3.8 mm Nozzle and a life time of 10 Billion Cycles.

Rice Processing Machines