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MILLTEC has come-up with an advanced technology of “Online yield measurement system” using Flow Balancer & Flow Measurer.

During the process of paddy/rice milling, there occurs process loss due to;

a. Fluctuations in the throughput (Breakage of about 0.5%) which in turn will make a loss of 9.75lacs on a 6T milling plant, per annum.

b. Improper machine setting. Because of this, 0.5% of head rice yield is lost, which results in another 9.75lacs loss on a 6T milling plant, annually.

flow balancer -yield measurement system

In order to save these process losses of about 20 Lakhs per annum, MILLTEC has introduced online yield measuring system.

The technology involves the use of 1 no. of Flow balancer on paddy and 3 nos. of Flow Measurers, one each on Brown rice, Head rice, & broken rice. These machines are connected to a computer and the software installed will compute details of yield periodically.

Flow Balancer is installed on paddy after the cleaning section. This ensures that the mill always runs at a constant rated capacity and the efficiency of the milling machines is also high. Flow balancer generates reports on the hourly, daily, monthly & yearly basis and maintains a log for future reference & records.

Flow measurer is installed on brown rice, head rice & on brokens. This measures the quantity of brown rice, the head rice and the broken rice generated. At any point of time during milling, the miller notices that the brown rice or the head rice yield is less or the brokens quantity is more, he/the operator can take necessary actions/ the steps to maximize the head rice yield and minimize the brokens.

These are the PLC-based & computer connected, accurate machines which run on a software to help the miller in minimizing the breakage and thus increase the head rice yield. These machines can be installed in the existing mill as well.

MILLTEC recommends rice millers to install these “Online Yield Measuring Systems” to increase their profitability.

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