New Launches

parboiling and dryer rice milling machine

Parboiling & Dryer

Milltec offers an unique equipment for the process of parboiling called the Gelatinization device.


Pneumatic Sheller

Milltec introduces advanced dehusker which is fully controlled by PLC Complete.

Rice Whitener - Rice Milling Solutions

Rice Whitener

The rice whitener incorporates advanced techniques for whitening of brown rice.

MV 7000 Color Sorter

MV7000 Series Color Sorter has auto intelligent digital image sorting technology.


Pneumatic Sheller

Pneumatic Sheller is intended to facilitate the easy removal of husks from paddy grains. Input grain is passed between two counter-revolving rollers, which results in the removal of the husk from the grain. This machine is equipped with automatic systems that control the pressure exerted by the rollers, as well as the correct feed rate for the input grains. These are capable of removing husks with a 95% level of accuracy.

The use of pneumatic controls enables a degree of hulling with lesser broken. The lifespan of the rubber rollers is enhanced with the use of an inter-cooling system.

Advantages of MILLTEC Pneumatic Sheller

  • Infinite adjustment of the degree of shelling by adjusting compressed air pressure
  • Sensor-enabled panel disengages the rubber rollers automatically when input product flow stops
  • Feed rate can be controlled electronically
  • An inbuilt cooling system to dissipate heat generated on rubber rollers
  • Auto/manual mode of working

MILLTEC Pneumatic Sheller Technical Description

Machine Type RPSA-1 RPSC-1 RPSD-1
Capacity Ton/hour On Paddy Medium Grain 3 - 4 Long Grain 2 - 2.5 Medium Grain 5- 6 Long Grain 3 - 4 Medium Grain 7 - 8
Motor Power HP/KW 10/7.5,12.5/9.375 15/11.19 20/15
Voltage (V)/Frequency (Hz) 415/50 415/50 415/50
Weight (KG) 600 750 - 950 300
Over All Size LxWxH (MM) 1371X881X1369 1394X940X1387 1555X998X1485