New Launches

parboiling and dryer rice milling machine

Parboiling & Dryer

Milltec offers an unique equipment for the process of parboiling called the Gelatinization device.


Pneumatic Sheller

Milltec introduces advanced dehusker which is fully controlled by PLC Complete.

Rice Whitener - Rice Milling Solutions

Rice Whitener

The rice whitener incorporates advanced techniques for whitening of brown rice.

MV 7000 Color Sorter

MV7000 Series Color Sorter has auto intelligent digital image sorting technology.


Pearler – Polisher

MILLTEC PEARLER is used for removing the husk from the pulses and MILLTEC POLISHER is used to give a glaze finish to the product. These can be used for a variety of pulses. The specially designed grinding wheels ensure the long durability. The adjustable type sieve frame ensures the optimum efficiency during the life cycle. Premium quality leather belts ensure the best polish to the product. The weight controllable type outlet box ensures the optimum polish during the life cycle.

MILLTEC Pearler – Polisher Advantages

  • Gap adjustable type Sieve frames ensure efficient operations across products.
  • Adjustable machine inclination for machine capacity adjustment.
  • Extremely durable grinding wheels.
  • Low maintenance cost due to cartridge construction.
  • Enclosed machine ensures dust-free operation.

MILLTEC Pearler – Polisher Technical Description

Description PPEA-1 (Perler) PPOA-1 (Polisher)
Capacity 2 , 4 2 , 4
Drive Motor-HP/RPM 12.5/1440 , 15/1440 12.5/1440 , 15/1440
Voltage/Frequency V/Hz 415/50 415/50
Machine Inclination 3-7 Degree (Adjustable Type) 3-7 Degree (Adjustable Type)
Aspiration-CMH/MMWC 1200/100 900/100
Weight - KG 571 545
Over All Dimensiones LxBxH 1950x680x1335 2145x680x1345

NOTE : Capacity mentioned is indicative and shall vary based on commodity and impurity levels therein.