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  • Suitable for any type of Rice & Grains (Wheat, Dal) with Re Re Sort, Reverse Sorting option.
  • The electronic Hardware’s like FPGA & DSP latest Technology for interfacing & Controlling.
  • Auto Calibration.
  • Image Capturing & Ejection Analysis (Graph, Display).
  • Double vision system ( 2048 pixel CCD cameras) allows checking on both sides, detecting even the slightest difference with 0.1mm resolution.
  • Product Scanning Speed 15000 lines/sec.
  • Lighting system: Programmable & Adjustable Brightness Blue or Red LED lighting system. Life Span 50,000 hrs.
  • 0.8ms Speed of Solenoid valves, up to 1250 Ejections/sec. Life span for 8 billions of cycles (800 Crore Cycles). Individual Ejectors technology.
  • 15’’ Touch Panel with Linux based Software system with 200 Programs possible to store.
  • Sorter Can be Controlled by Android Mobile through Wi-Fi Technology.
  • Innovative Centralised Cloud system for machine Health check-up using Sim card.
  • Reverse Sorting and Size Sorting technology.
  • Chute Heater facility.


  • Mono chromatic 2048 Pixel High Speed CCD cameras for excellent scanning rate.
  • Double Vision Scanning System to detect the slightest difference up to 0.1mm.
  • Specially customized lenses to identify pin point images.
  • Equipped for Reverse sorting & Size Sorting Methodology.


  • Surface Mount Device with CCD Ultra Speed Gate Array Technology.
  • Product scanning speed of 15000 lines/sec.
  • Auto calibration feature with Auto setting & Auto sorting control.
  • High Brightness programmable LED Lighting systems with life span of 50,000 Hrs.
  • Self-diagnosis and memorization of different scanned products.
  • Centralised Cloud System For Machine Health Check-Up.


  • 15″ Linux based user friendly Graphic user interface (GUI) with Online Support System.
  • Image capturing systems with 200 profiles storage that enables quick machine settings.


  • Fast response time of 0.8 milliseconds High quality valves with 3.8mm nozzles which can withstand life 3-4 years.
  • Upgraded with Quality ejector system that can monitor the ejections.


  • Anodized chutes having smooth surface to facilitate the even flow of the material.
  • Heating provision for chutes to avoid choking of material.