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flow balancer -yield measurement system


MILLTEC flow balancer is a PLC controlled machine, to automatically discharge the required and controlled amount of various throughputs of products (like, Wheat, Rice, maize, Cereals, etc) as per the user requirements, using touch screen function. It continuously measures the flow rate. Flow balancer generates reports & stores the data of the throughput of the product periodically. During its working, it displays the actual flow rate, total flow rate from the previous reset time along with other parameters on the screen.


  • Body made of rugged metal enclosure or casing
  • Discharge of the flow balancer is through an oscillating gate actuated by pneumatic system controlled through PLC system.
  • Integrated with advanced touch screen Human Machine Interface(HMI)
  • Automatic data storage of report generation to the desktop or USB by means of e-remote.
  • Pre-selection of the flow rate of discharge quantity.
  • Automatic zero self-reset at each dosing start.
  • MILLTEC Flow balancer controls the throughout & flow measurer – measures the output.
  • These are PLC controlled machine for precise operation
  • Real time yield measurement
  • Operator can check the yield online to take necessary measures to reduce brokens
  • Supplied with a software to generate reports on daily / monthly / quarterly / yearly basis
  • Can be used in multiple locations in a rice mills,etc.
  • Capacity range: 3tph to 20tph on Paddy 3tph to 30tph on Wheat
  • Accuracy of ±1%.
  • Machine size: 790 x 505 x 455(mm)
  • Weight: 48kgs.
  • Input current: 100-240V AC (Single phase).