New Launches

parboiling and dryer rice milling machine

Parboiling & Dryer

Milltec offers an unique equipment for the process of parboiling called the Gelatinization device.


Pneumatic Sheller

Milltec introduces advanced dehusker which is fully controlled by PLC Complete.

Rice Whitener - Rice Milling Solutions

Rice Whitener

The rice whitener incorporates advanced techniques for whitening of brown rice.

MV 7000 Color Sorter

MV7000 Series Color Sorter has auto intelligent digital image sorting technology.



These are automatic boilers that utilize solid fuel to produce heat with a high thermal efficiency. These are designed as per the requirements of the Indian Boilers Regulations, 1950. The boilers are designed to enhance ease of operation and utilization for our customers, with the use of indigenously manufactured parts facilitating the easy availability of spare parts.

MILLTEC Packaged Boiler Advantages

  • High thermal Efficiency
  • Pneumatic over feed, three pass, wet pack, packaged boiler
  • Designed for ease of operation & maintenance

MILLTEC Boiler Technical Description

Boiler Capacity 2T 2.5T 3T 4T 4.5T 5T
Max, Steam output F&A 1000 C 2,000Kg/hr 2,500Kg/hr 3,000Kg/hr 4,000Kg/hr 4,500Kg/hr 5,000Kg/hr
Type 3 - pass 3 - pass 3 - pass 3 - pass 3 - pass 3 - pass
Max, Operating Pressure 10.54kg/cm2 10.54kg/cm2 10.54kg/cm2 10.54kg/cm2 10.54kg/cm2 10.54kg/cm2
Fuel Consumption (based on 3.500Kcal/kg) 429 kgs/ hr 540 kgs/ hr 642 kgs/ hr 857 kgs/ hr 964 kgs/ hr 1071 kgs/ hr
Total Connected Load 16hp 20.5hp 23hp 30hp 55hp 55hp
Thermal Efficiency 72%+/-2% 72%+/-2% 72%+/-2% 72%+/-2% 72%+/-2% 72%+/-2%